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Formula ingredients of water-soluble film


With the in-depth understanding of water-soluble membranes, I also know a lot of knowledge. A few days ago, I saw the news about the formula of water-soluble membranes and I was very interested in it. Then today I will talk about water-soluble membranes. Formula. Water-soluble filmu003cbr /u003e Water-soluble film can be a water-soluble film as the name implies. The main raw materials of water-soluble film are polyvinyl alcohol and starch, and all components (including added additives) are C, H, O compounds, And non-toxic. During the process of film making, only physical dissolution occurs between the components, improving its physical properties, mechanical properties, process performance and water solubility, but the water-soluble film does not undergo chemical reactions, and the water-soluble film does not change its chemical properties. The main components are C, H, O. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material that is processed by a special process and can be quickly degraded by natural factors (H2O). It can quickly denature, decompose, and decompose by natural factors (H2O). It is degraded into low-molecular compounds and has the effect of improving the land. Therefore, it is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material.u003cbr /u003e   

This is the original formula of the water-soluble film? Are you surprised? The editor is a little surprised. It's here. I didn't expect that the water-soluble film that can replace the white pollution and bring environmental protection is like this.u003cbr /u003e Zibo Tide Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: water-soluble film, pva water-soluble laundry bag, and toilet bag for pet waste. Polyethylene yeast grain water-soluble film, pva fishing nest bag. The water-soluble series products produced by our company have design options for water-soluble speed, non-toxic, non-polluting, good barrier properties and antistatic properties; tensile strength and tension are equal to or better than traditional plastic films, and the products are widely used . At the same time, the company continues to expand its technical fields and products to water-soluble containers, such as water-soluble bottles and instant capsules. u003c/pu003e                                                                            

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