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PVA membrane application in the food packaging


Because of PVA membrane for gas with good barrier property and oil resistance, these features can make the freshness of packaged food greatly extended, and can keep its composition, and odor of intact.

PVA membrane performance using example anti-oxidation, prevent discoloration bonito fillets, kelp, bean paste, pickled products, milk powder oxidation of oil and grease bacon, sausage, ham, other meat cake, peanuts, beans, bean paste, mayonnaise, moon cake wet mildew semi-finished products, cake, chocolate beans, sublimation tea, coffee, spices and seasoning antistatic powder products insect-resistant medicine, animal food, peanuts, solvent oil and margarine anti-fog muddy packing fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, fresh mushroom other instant noodles

PVA film is finding wider and wider application range, due to its environmental characteristics, therefore has wide attention by the developed countries in the world.                                                                            

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