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Is the transmittance of PET film high in thick sheets or thin sheets? -Film supplier

by:POLYVA     2022-01-17
The light transmittance affects the visual function of the PET film itself, which is affected by many aspects, among which the thickness of the film itself has a great influence on it. The light transmittance of films of different thicknesses varies greatly. The same is true for frosted PET, which is thick film. Is the light transmission effect good or thin? Transmittance is the number of light sources through which light penetrates the surface of the object. The more light that passes through, the higher the light transmittance, and the less light that passes, the lower the light transmittance. Does the thickness of the PET film have a big impact on the light transmittance? Is the transmittance of PET film high in thick film or high in thin film? In fact, these two forms have a certain mutual relationship. Let's use the two thicknesses of 0.05mm and 0.254mm as a reference to clarify the effect of PET thickness on light transmittance. For the 0.05mm thick PET film, with the transparent PET film as a reference, the light transmittance can reach about 95% under light conditions, while the light transmittance of 0.25mm transparent PET can only reach 90-93%, while the black PET The light transmittance of the film changes more significantly. Therefore, it can be seen that the transmittance of PET flakes is better than that of thick PET flakes. Matte PET film has a similar function, and there is also a scene where the light transmittance of the thin film is higher than that of the thick film.
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