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Is there any relationship between the transmittance of PET film and the thickness? -Film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-11-14
There are many factors affecting light transmittance, such as appearance and shape. Different appearances have a great influence on PET film. The light rate is slightly lower, so different appearances have different effects on the light transmittance. Does the thickness have any effect on the light transmittance? Tomorrow, we mainly need to understand the influence of thickness on PET film, and see the influence of different thickness on PET. Let’s compare with 0.05mm and 0.188mm, and both are based on the transparent PET film. Assuming that we are under the same light source, let the light pass through the 0.05mm PET film and detect with a light detector, we can lose about 97% of the value. When changing to 0.188mm PET film, the measured value is about 95%. From this, it can be concluded that the thickness will have an effect on the transparent PET film, but the effect is not particularly significant. When the frosted PET is stopped, the detection data is also the same, so the thickness of the PET frosted film is absolutely unlimited.
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