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Laundry Detergent Pods at POLYVA for Clothes


Foshan POLYVA Materials Co., Ltd specializes in R & D and production of liquid, powder, Powder liquid mixed, and other series of  laundry capsules . The product shape covers single chamber laundry pods , double chamber laundry pods , three chamber laundry pods and other categories, providing customized services for customers.

The factory adopts : automatic feeding system, automatic bead filling machine and automatic packaging pipeline integration, 100% automation of production, optimization of production efficiency, to meet all kinds of special customization needs.

POLYVA is a professional OEM/ODM production base integrating R&D and production of water-soluble wrapping series of condensate products.

POLYVA has a professional laundry capsules formula development team, which provides customers with a variety of special purpose development services;

There are 20 professional production lines of laundry detergent pods;

We have the professional R & D and manufacturing base of water-soluble film and water-soluble packaging machine to provide comprehensive system guarantee.

We can customize the formulation to meet our customers requirements

Special features:


1. Mild formulation: Tough with stains, mild to skin and gentle with clothes.

2. Antibacterial: Using our technology we can achieve a sterilization up to 99%

3. Color protector: Our unique formulation protects the colors of clothes.



Company Name: Foshan POLYVA Materials Co., Ltd .

Add:Building 1 NO.77-3 Datang A Zone, Central Technology Industrial Zone of Sanshui District, Foshan City,Guangdong 


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