Focus on water soluble film application 

Of water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Water is not only a kind of water transfer printing, refers to all the adornment of the surface of object, the workpiece was covered, can carry on the design of the whole object surface printing, because it can to transfer any complex surface and concave and convex shape workpiece so also known as universal transfer printing. < br / >
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water only the process can be used for all kinds of processed materials such as: EVA, PVC, PP, ABS, PU  Resin, ceramic, metal, glass and other products surface. For product not only a natural grain layer (color such as wood, marble, mahogany and flower; improve product added value. This technology is for general traditional printing and hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing can overcome bump complex shape and the research and development of transfer printing technology printing blind Angle. < br / >
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the production process is similar to that of a thermal transfer film, only the water transfer printing membrane is made of gravure printing with traditional printing process, in the water soluble pva film surface printing. Only the water transfer printing film base material expansion rate is very high, it is easy to closely attached to an object's surface, that is it suitable for the whole object surface is the main reason for the transfer. But the scalability big shortcoming is also obvious that in the process of printing and transfer printing, film on the surface of the graphic easy to deformation; If process followed by heat transfer processes is not good, thin film are likely to rupture. In order to avoid this shortcoming, we often only the water transfer printing membrane on the graphic design to do not have specific modelling, also does not affect viewing repeating patterns after deformation. Water transfer printing film on the gravure printing printing can obtain a high elongation, can greatly reduce the printing cost, at the same time, gravure printing has precise tension automatic control system, a can print out 4 ~ 8 kinds of color, overprint accuracy is higher. Gravure water not only use the water transfer printing inks, printing film compared to traditional ink, water transfer printing inks, good water resistance drying methods for volatile dry.

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