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Pva water soluble film in the application of waterproof and mortar


The first part from the common monomer styrene butadiene latex type, butyl benzene latex in the advantages of waterproof coating, and the characteristics of butyl benzene latex, compared with the performance of other emulsion, different waterproof coating of TVOC in person to introduce butyl benzene latex in the application of waterproof and mortar, which contains three high quality high performance formula.

PVA powder, the second part introduces China from PVA, fineness specification, raw material products as well as China cat PVA powder characteristics and important application, how to differentiate between discern the stand or fall of PVA products.

1.pva water soluble membrane, common type monomer and emulsion (vinyl acetate VAM) Tg: value 28 ℃ styrene: 100 ℃ Tg values of methyl methacrylate ( MMA) : 105 ℃ Tg values of butyl acrylate ( BA) Tg: value - Ethylene (54 ℃ E) Tg: value - 68 ℃ isooctyl acrylate ( 2 - EHA) Tg: value - 84 ℃

butadiene ( BD) Tg: value - 106 ℃

2, tie-in and different between different monomer emulsion

different monomers with different features, according to the weather resistance, high temperature resistance, flexibility, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, acid-proof alkaline, such as the characteristics of the monomer, to select a single material.

detailed reference as follows:

styrene acrylic emulsion, S + + BA MMA styrene-butadiene emulsion, pure acrylic emulsion, S + BD + BA + 2 - MMA EHA emulsion, VAM + E: VAE emulsion c: vinegar VAM++ MMA + BA

3, styrene-butadiene emulsion in the advantages of waterproof coating

Gao Lixue performance: the bond strength, compressive flexural strength, excellent water resistance, excellent adhesion, good good elastic cement compatibility: under the condition of high alkalinity substance stability, very low viscosity stability of TVOC: alkaline material does not decompose under the condition of pva water soluble film

The characteristics of the four

1, the possible crosslinking

has flexible double bond and non polar bond, flexible. Partial double bond can occur crosslinking, and improve the bonding energy, increase the intensity. So as to achieve the balance of the flexible and rigid. And only the flexible such as BA, EHA, strong polarity, no resilience. Acrylate monomer ester base above will happen under the condition of strong alkaline hydrolysis. And styrene-butadiene emulsion styrene and butadiene monomer in alkaline condition is stable, not hydrolysis. It is very important in building environment, because the common cementing materials such as cement for strong alkaline.

3, styrene-butadiene rubber waterproofing membrane has excellent resistance to water:

besmear to brush waterproof membrane on benchmark concrete slab and dry, three days after bubble water after 3 months the status of the contrast, explain styrene-butadiene rubber waterproof membrane has more excellent resistance to water

4, styrene-butadiene emulsion under the condition of high alkalinity lower pva water soluble film release excellent environmental:

EC1, A + long-term TVOC emission standard can better simulate the real situation of interior construction, so it has been widely used in Europe and America countries; Conventional acrylic polymers in the JS waterproof in alkaline conditions will be slow hydrolysis, release, and butyl benzene polymer not hydrolysis, and pva water soluble film release A quantity to far below the normal product, can easily meet EC1 +, A + and other requirements.


EMICODE authentication: founded in January 1997, the German GEV ( German floor installation materials, adhesives and construction materials of volatiles release a quantity to control association) 。 A + is environmental protection level of the highest marks in the French VOC labels pva water soluble film corresponding to Emissionsinindoorair English, Chinese for 'in indoor air emissions'. Suitable for: floor coverings, paints and varnishes, Windows and doors, walls and ceiling panel, started in 2012.

5, pva water soluble film, compared with other emulsion performance

five, how to discern the stand or fall of pva powder products

fineness detection: use in accordance with national standard GB/T6003. 1 - 2012 or GB/T5330 - 2003 the corresponding aperture sieve sieve, screenings of calculation, the lower the better. Viscosity detection: or brookfield viscometer NDJ - 1 rotary viscosimeter. The muffle furnace ash detection: 900 ℃ calcination to constant weight. Application of detection: blow be bored with child observation smoothness, coarse particle is easy to leave scratches. < br / >

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