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Scale Your Detergent Business with a Laundry Pods Packaging Machine


The detergent manufacturing industry is expanding rapidly and is expected to reach a global market value of $98 billion by 2030. This presents a lucrative opportunity for companies looking to establish themselves in the laundry detergent industry either as a white-label manufacturer of superior products or as a retail brand.

 But to enter this market and attain success, there's a formula you need to follow and a machine — laundry pods filling machine — more on that below.

Consumer Trends: Why Companies Should Expand into the Laundry Detergent Pods Market

In 2022, the market size of laundry detergent pods was valued at USD 10.8 billion.

That figure is expected to grow 6 percent in 2023 to USD 11.44 billion and $18.24 billion by 2032 at a conservative 6 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

This growth is bolstered by the market growth in household care goods driven by a rise in demand in metropolitan areas and the introduction of new and innovative household care products.

In emerging and developing nations, greater urbanization and more household having access to washing machines could drive greater demand for laundry detergent Pods.

This demand for laundry detergent pods instead of washing powder or liquid detergent stems from the premeasured portions that mean clothes are unlikely to have any residue after washing.

How to Effectively Enter the Laundry Detergent Pod Market with a Laundry Pods Packaging Machine

Although multi-billion dollar companies — like Unilever and Procter and Gamble — have already carved out a market for laundry detergent pods and currently hold the lion's share of the market, savvy companies can maximize the limited competition to build influence in this budding consumer market.

But to succeed in entering this budding market, a plan and a laundry pods making machine are essential. This step-by-step guide is key to entering this market regardless of company size.

Conduct Market Research

Market research will help determine how much competition is in the markets you're targeting. More importantly, this market research will help you decide on the following:

· Pricing: the ideal price to attract new consumers

· Purpose: the function the laundry detergent pod will meet — fabric softener, deodorizer, detergent, or a three-in-1.

With this knowledge, you can successfully develop a plan to expand into these markets and help you navigate procuring raw materials and equipment.

Source Ingredients and Raw Materials

In the production of laundry detergent Pods, your company will need a concentrated cleaning agent — and it may need softeners and deodorizers depending on the pod's function.

To properly package detergent pods, it is crucial to utilize water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a packaging solution that can effectively and securely contain the pods.

It's best to research suppliers. You want to find the most cost-effective options and manufacturers with the best quality track record.

Select and Install the Necessary Equipment

To produce detergent, you'll need specific equipment based on the type and manufacturing process you select. This can include mixers, reactors, pumps, laundry pods filling machines, and/or laundry pods packaging machines.

Before purchasing a laundry pods packaging machine, ensure your facility has enough space and the necessary infrastructure to accommodate your equipment and manufacturing processes.

Prioritize Safety and Quality

Your manufacturing processes and equipment's safety and quality standards are vital to success, especially given how much modern consumers are interested in these practices.

These manufacturing processes should involve establishing safety protocols for handling and storing chemicals, providing workers with adequate training, and implementing quality control measures that ensure your products meet the pre-determined specifications.

In the manufacture of laundry detergent pods, consumer safety is also paramount; ensure the water-soluble PVA you're using is safe and won't be able to be punctured except during its intended use.

Suppliers should be able to provide this information in their technical specifications to help your business ensure that the pods you're manufacturing meet safety standards.

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and providing your employees with training on how to follow them can greatly improve your manufacturing procedures, leading to increased efficiency and consistent quality. SOPs should detail each step of the process, from handling raw materials to packaging and storage. Additionally, they should include safety measures and quality control procedures that guarantee the highest level of safety and quality.

Take to Market

Larger brands are attempting to take over the market; therefore, taking your laundry detergent pods to market will be the make-or-break step.

Consider promoting safety, ease of use, and eco-friendly characteristics as your driving factors.

Competitions promoting detergent pods have proven effective in several regions.

But marketing campaigns have to depend on your target market and competitors.

POLYVA Can Help You Scale Your Business with Laundry Pods Packaging Machine

After years of research and development, POLYVA has developed a high-efficiency laundry pods packaging machine, allowing detergent companies and manufacturers to produce up to 700,000 laundry pods daily.

This cost-effective piece of machinery will help you expand into this lucrative market. 

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