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Leverage Eco-friendly Market with PVOH Laundry Pods Packing Machine


Products marketed as eco-friendly made up 17.3 percent of the retail market in 2022.

These figures are incredibly enlightening, given that retailers have been struggling as consumers buckle under the weight of inflation and the rising cost of living.

The five-year compound annual growth rate for sustainably marketed products is 9.48 percent, nearly double what conventionally marketed goods achieved at only 4.98 percent.

Why Manufacturers Should Enter the Eco-Friendly Market with the PVOH Laundry Pods Packing Machine

The eco-friendly market is expanding at a rapid pace. Consumers are willing to pay 28.7 percent more for products marketed as Eco-friendly, despite shrinking consumer spending power.

Consumers justify the greater expense associated with eco-spending on their desire to reduce their carbon footprint and production waste.

Manufacturers and brands in the laundry detergent industry should take note. Many consumers are now choosing to buy alternatives to traditional liquid or powder laundry detergent to not only achieve long-term goals but also to maintain communal water supplies like wells.

This is a market the laundry detergent industry can leverage by introducing eco-friendly laundry detergent pods.

Furthermore, laundry detergent manufacturers can maximize consumers' willingness to spend more on green products by entering this market with a detergent product that typically costs more to package than a simple liquid or powder.

For example, the PVOH Laundry Pods Packing Machine uses water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol and can help your business pivot to the sustainability market.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), manufactured by POLYVA, is fully biodegradable and soluble even in cold water.

Although PVOH is essential in the manufacture of laundry pods, just as crucial is the laundry pods packing machine, which allows your company to churn out up to 1,300 pieces per minute (nearly 1.9 million units a day).

Taking a Closer Look at the Laundry Capsules Making Machine's Role in Sustainability

But for consumers, it's not enough to have the reassurance that the capsules they're purchasing are biodegradable and, therefore, eco-friendly. They also need reassurances about the manufacturing process.

Does the manufacturing process cause waste, produce excessive greenhouse emissions, or have an unsustainable working environment?

Thankfully, with PVOH laundry pods packing machines, manufacturers can guarantee that both the final product and its production are eco-friendly.

Energy Use Compared to Production Output

The laundry capsules making machine, particularly the PVOH laundry pods packing machine, is an energy-efficient piece of equipment.

The machine only uses 15kW of power to produce as many as 1,300 laundry pods or capsules in a minute. That means it only takes 11.53 watts of power to make one laundry pod, far less than is typical in manufacturing even the greenest products.

Consumers directly benefit from these energy savings as they'll typically only need to use one pod per load of laundry.

Waste Production

The PVOH laundry pods packing machine is not a high-waste creation piece of equipment. Therefore, most waste will be generated elsewhere on the production floor.

In fact, given the PVOH laundry pods packing machine's accuracy, manufacturers are assured that they won't need to discard mass amounts of defective pods.

Working Environment

The PVOH laundry pods packing machine does most of the work for factory workers, given its reliance on automation.

The machine must only be programmed based on your specifications for the product it should create. Then, employees only need to add the PVOH and detergent.

This hands-off approach will satisfy many consumers concerned that workers are subject to unsafe work environments.

But how can consumers be made aware of these Eco-friendly strides?

To benefit from the markup of products marketed as eco-friendly, manufacturers, and brands alike, should consider transparency.

Giving consumers insight into how the product is made.

That apparent transparency will go a long way in ingratiating a product into the hearts of consumers, who'll gravitate toward the product and influence others to do the same.


Should Your Company Invest in a Laundry Capsules Making Machine?

While the market is sparsely populated with competitors, now is the ideal time to enter the laundry pod manufacturing business. It's the ideal time to carve out brand recognition and loyalty.

What's more, an investment in the laundry capsules making machine can have immediate dividends even if you choose to target a smaller market segment.

On a maximum production cycle, the initial investment into the machine and employee trainee can be paid off in days.

But, besides that, the machine also enables your Detergent Company to become future-proof. Consumers are moving toward more convenient products that satisfy their need to feel sustainable. The laundry pod is the perfect combination of both.

The pod eliminates the need for any measurements — and possible extra rinse cycles — while giving users peace of mind that they're not harming the planet when using their washing machine.

Contact the team at POLYVA to help you understand how your business can leverage this market. 

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