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The innovation of the automatic liquid pods packaging machine



The automatic liquid pods packaging machine is innovative and cost-effective. It provides solutions for packaging, sealing and cutting dose packs for liquid substances. Such as concentrated detergent and oily liquids. The Polyva liquid pods packaging machine has a high capacity. This packaging method contributes to the improvement of dosed products.


Liquid pods packaging machine: applications


The packaging machine from Polyva is designed for efficient packaging of products which are used in doses by consumers. These doses are also called liquid pods. Examples of these products are concentrated detergent or cleaning products for dishwashers. There is also a filling and packaging machine for oily substances. Such as pesticides or chemicals.


Functionality and capacity of the Polyva packaging machine


The automatic filling and packaging machine for liquid pods or other liquid substances works efficiently and offers an all-in-one solution. The fully automatic machine packs, seals and cuts the pods into any desired shape. This customization ensures that each product can be produced uniquely. For companies, this personalization also contributes to brand identity.


The capacity of the innovative automatic liquid pods packaging machine is high. The minimum capacity is 240 pods per minute. This can be increased to 600 pods per minute. During this time, the dose packs are filled, sealed and cut into 48 rows of 10 pods each. The weight of the liquid pods is also fully adjustable from 10 grams to a customized weight of 30 grams.  


Key features of the automatic liquid pods packaging machine


Not only innovation is important. Sustainability also plays an increasing role in the use of consumer and industrial products. The Polyva liquid pods packaging machine produces cost-effectively and sustainably. Due to the machine's innovative cutting technology, a minimal amount of packaging material is wasted. Other key features of the machine:


● Drum filling method using servo-drive

● Automatic PLC control panel with touchscreen

● Fills with a precision of 0.02 mm

● Integrated and effective cutting system

● High percentage seal with less than 2 cm waste

● Consistent CNC processing

● Patented waterproof design

● Water soluble film

● Mold surface treatment for added durability

● Mold system for easy maintenance and cleaning with water


The film used by the packaging machine to fill the liquid pods is completely water-soluble and does not pollute the environment. In addition, the packaging is smaller and less waste is produced during production than when liquid detergent is produced in vials or bottles. The pods are completely used up during washing. Unlike the alternatives, detergent in liquid pods is more concentrated. The consumption of detergent per wash is significantly reduced.


Advantages of the Polyva automatic liquid pods packaging method 


The Polyva liquid pods packaging machine is the answer to product improvement, but also the need for sustainability. This need exists within the industrial sector, but certainly also among consumers. Increasingly, the target group is opting for products that contribute to waste reduction and are therefore less harmful to the environment and our climate.


The packages are also easy to dose. Each liquid pod contains an exact amount of liquid or concentrated detergent. The film used is easily soluble in water. Therefore, liquid pods with detergent are the number one choice of consumers. The laundry pod can be added directly to the drum of the washing machine. For this purpose, the reservoir for the detergent or the fabric softener no longer needs to be used. Other advantages of the packaging method:


● Easy to dose in the exact amount

● Prevents damage to laundry from overdosing detergent

● More concentrated is more cost-efficient

● More sustainable by reducing waste

● Easily soluble in water

● Directly in the drum means user-friendly


The film used by the innovative automatic liquid pods packaging machine of Polyva is water-soluble at any temperature. That means consumers can use any wash program they want. In addition, using liquid pods is cost-effective for the user. The dosage is precise and the detergent in the pods is many times more concentrated. The consumption decreases. The exact amount also ensures that the laundry or clothes are not damaged by overdosing


Innovative packaging solution for detergent manufacturers


Polyva's innovative liquid pods packaging machine is an example of how innovation is combined with ease of use and sustainability. For the manufacturer, the cost efficiency and product enhancement of this packaging method are a benefit. For manufacturers and companies, this effective product enhancement not only provides an improved brand identity.


The smart packaging method also meets the existing needs of the consumer. Besides brand awareness, the method also contributes to a growing awareness of the product itself. Of course, this has a positive impact on the development and sales capacity of a company.


The high capacity with which the pods can be automatically produced by Polyva's liquid pods packaging machine may also be seen as an advantage. The high capacity reduces the consumption costs of energy. Also, the packaging machine's innovative cutting technology ensures that residual waste is minimal. As a result, both consumers and producers can efficiently contribute to current climate goals.












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