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POLYVA PVOH/PE Film: the Packaging Solution for Your Dishwasher Freshener


For an appliance intended to clean, the dishwasher can quickly develop a rotting smell.

Most household dishwashers produce an unpleasant odor after a while, caused by prolonged exposure to dirt particles from the dishes. This offensive odor causes the dishwasher to permeate an unbearable odor in the kitchen and leaves that smell on dishes.

When consumers have this issue, they turn to dishwasher fresheners. These fresheners are formulated to produce a potent fragrance and packaged to maintain that powerful fragrance for several months or, in some cases, years to allow for storage and extended use. The average PE film has been useful in the production of almost all such products, until PVOH materials water-soluble film has become more readily available.

What is the Purpose of PVOH Materials Water-Soluble Film?

PVOH materials' water-soluble film will protect the fragrance of the dishwasher freshener. The PVA packing film preserves the fragrance before the freshener is used and then prolongs the fragrance following activation caused by the first washing cycle. This results in a powerful fresh odor that overtakes the nasty smell the dishwasher produced before.

The Benefits of POLYVA's PVOH Materials Water-Soluble Film

POLYVA's PVA packing film is manufactured using a blend of additives. These additives reinforce our film's advantageous properties and guarantee that the film becomes a benefit to a large-scale production process and can be used to create market-leading dishwasher fresheners.

1. Protect the Fragrance

Consumers purchase dishwasher fresheners to eliminate odors and give dishes and dishwashing a refreshing, pleasant scent. However, an improperly packaged dishwasher freshener will have its fragrance dissipate over time, making it less effective at deodorizing and improving the scent of the appliance. So naturally, without the scent, the dishwasher freshener won't appeal to consumers.

The PVA packing film prioritizes protecting the scent so that it remains as potent as when it was first encased in the PVOH materials water-soluble film.

2. Extend the Dishwasher Freshener's Lifespan

Since dishwasher fresheners aren't the primary cleaner in a dishwasher cycle, they must last longer and have a far more potent fragrance for consumers to consider them advantageous.

POLYVA's PVOH Materials Water-Soluble Film is formulated to extend the solution's lifespan. Depending on the application and water temperature, the film can last longer when used in a dishwasher.

3. Improve Profit Margins

The typical film covering a dishwasher freshener requires preparation in the production process to reinforce it; this is labor and resource intensive, expensive, and wasteful by adding an unnecessarily considerable markup to the product's overhead.

POLYVA's PVA packing film doesn't require any preparation before production. Instead, the PVA packing film is designed to replace traditional packing films used in the manufacturing of dishwasher fresheners with eco-friendly, greener options.

4. Improve Customer Safety and Experience

POLYVA's PVA packing film is the preferred choice for consumer-safe packaging.

This film is built to withstand typical handling outside its usual application. Therefore, it won't puncture or rupture when pressure is applied, nor does it dissolve in wet hands or when it comes into contact with saliva.

5. Use One Film for All Encased Detergents

Reduce your cost of producing all your detergent products using POLYVA's versatile PVA packing film. This packing film can be used for laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents, and dishwasher fresheners. The film can also be used in the production of dyes, emulsion pesticides, and water-soluble fertilizers.

6. Expand into a Lucrative Market

POLYVA's PVA film allows your product to appeal to a growing consumer base: the environmentally conscious consumer.

This consumer base is growing at a rate 2.7 x faster than any other market segment and currently accounts for 78 percent of U.S. consumers, with 34 percent of global consumers willing to pay more for sustainable products.  

POLYVA's range of products is sustainable, as it is biodegradable in water and is non-toxic.

By using the PVA packing film, you can appeal to this market with more targeted marketing material about the eco-friendly materials in your product.

The Technical Specifications of POLYVA's PVA Packing Film

POLYVA's PVA packing film differs from existing PVA films on the market, given it is a PVOH materials water-soluble film that dissolves in ambient and cold water temperatures. The film begins to disintegrate in 25 seconds, achieving complete dissolution in 64 seconds and leaning behind no residue.

Weather Resistance

This PVA film also has superior weather resistance, retaining its shape and strength in areas with up to 80 percent humidity.


POLYVA's PVA film can be used in any configuration to suit your branding and replace the film used in the existing material.


POLYVA is committed to helping your products become more sustainable through the use of our innovative PVOH materials, water-soluble film. Learn what you can achieve and how your company can incorporate our cutting-edge green solutions into product packaging by reaching out to our team. We can help you replace your outdated, wasteful, and harmful packing and packaging with a cost-effective 

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