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Water soluble film packaging machine fully functional

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Water soluble film packaging machine USES Germany Siemens touch screen, PLC and stepping control system, with original Germany busch vacuum pump. The machine through the intelligent human-machine interface convenient adjustment, step precision is high, the movement coordinated, high degree of automation. Why do you say water soluble film packaging machine fully functional? Let's take a look at.
1, can choose the color on the same device film or optical film coated form.
2, can according to customer's product packaging requirements are equipped with automatic code/printing system.
3, according to customer's product packaging requirements on the basis of pumping air into vacuum state, can be filled with N2, 02, CO2 gas mixture or single gas, gas mixing ratio can through the gas controller is convenient to adjust.
4, equipment, equipped with open phase protection system, electric leakage protection system, phase sequence protection system, to avoid blackouts, leakage and equipment damage caused by human error, at the same time ensure operator safety.
5, equipment configuration from mould automatic correction system, through the computer automatic induction coated with basilar membrane to accurate, timely adjustment of coated material appeared in the process of production of the winding end surface uneven problem, make the product packaging more good-looking appearance, at the same time avoid membrane material waste.
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