Polyva has been adhering to manufacture and supply water soluble PVA film & PVA packaging machine, and always been researching and developing the application of green eco-friendly materials.


Focus on water soluble film application.

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    Strict  Research  & Development Team

    We focus on PVA water soluble film application services, PVA material R & D centers and water-soluble packaging intelligent equipment R & D center as a support, to provide you with services.

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    Standard Production Management


    We have established a standardized demonstration workshop, standardized operations and personnel management,to provide you with on-site  management and training support.

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    Exclusive Personalization

    Whether it is a water-soluble film or automatic laundry pods packaging machine, we provide customized services to take full account of your needs.

  • 05

    Perfect Total Solution

    1. The real turnkey project, as long as you decide on a small unit-dose water soluble packaging project, we provide from film to equipment, from product to crafts, a full range of services.
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