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The effect of water soluble films on laundry beads

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PVA water soluble film is a green material, its film-forming components are all C, H, O chemicals, which can eventually degrade into carbon dioxide and water; as an environmentally safe, non-irritating product, Japan and the United States, etc. have been approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, PVA water soluble film has good water-sealing properties and barrier properties, and can be completely dissolved  without residue, in recent years, water soluble films have been widely used and promoted in the market, such as laundry gel bead film, water transfer film, pesticide film, embroidery film, etc. This time I will discuss the impact of water soluble films on laundry beads from three aspects: appearance, production performance and use performance.

A. The impact on appearance

When we buy laundry gel products on the market, we can find that some gel beads are crystal clear, colourful and eye-catching, while some are dull and lustreless, these two kinds of gel beads placed together will cause a huge contrast, the former looks senior, and vice versa, the latter is easy to make consumers lose the desire to buy. Why is there such a big difference? It comes down to the transparency of the water soluble film. Transparency and haze are two very important optical performance indicators in transparent materials, generally speaking, materials with high transparency have low haze values, and conversely, materials with low transparency have high haze values. In addition, the surface condition of the film also has an impact on this indicator, meaning whether the film surface is flat and smooth, whether there are scuffs or defects, and whether it is contaminated, of which scuffs have a greater impact on haze and also on transparency; for products such as laundry beads, a transparency rate of 91% or more gives laundry beads a sharper and cleaner appearance. Polyva's water soluble films, from the L08 series to the L09 series, use a full mirror process to improve the process and quality of the film's transparency to achieve a highly transparent film.

B.The impact on manufacturing performance

In the laundry bead manufacturing process, PVA water soluble film as a carrier, using its unique water soluble properties, film-forming and adhesive properties will be wrapped in laundry detergent, need to be used to Polyva high-speed bead automatic packaging machine, through the way of vacuum, the use of water bonding pressure to seal the mask, the bottom film together to let the bead shape. Firstly, the mechanical properties of the film will have an impact on the vacuum and the finished shape of the beads, where the mechanical properties include the tensile strength, ductility and modulus of elasticity of the film; the higher the tensile strength of the film, the higher the modulus of elasticity, the more elastic and firm the beads will be. The film has a tensile strength of ≥25MPa and an elongation at break of ≥200%; secondly, the sealing performance of the water-soluble film, the water sealing performance, barrier and pressure resistance of the film can prevent extrusion bursts during transport, while the film has good adhesive properties, which can effectively prevent the penetration of laundry detergent in the box or bag and prevent the laundry detergent from sticking to the hands during use. Finally, the film's single film water solubility performance, high requirements for dressing water regulation, film sealing with water sealing technology, in the case of large amounts of water, the film is prone to film breakage, resulting in liquid leakage.

C.The impact on performance

For consumers or users, the speed of the dissolution of laundry beads and whether there is leakage are the key factors they pay attention to; Theoretically, we all hope that the faster the dissolution rate of coagulated beads is, the better. According to the Science of Daily Chemicals, for the sake of safety investigation, the industry has stipulated that the film breaking of coagulated beads should be over 30s, while Polyva's water-soluble film can achieve complete dissolution without residue within 60s, with good solubility. It meets the requirements of users for the dissolution speed of the water-soluble film, and also meets the requirement that the coagulative beads can be washed in 15min fast mode without film residue. In addition, the film also added bitter ingredients, to prevent children from swallowing.

To sum up, we recommend a water soluble film ----- from Foshan Polyva Materials Co. Ltd, which has the following 5 advantages; ① good dissolution performance, can be dissolved within 60s without residue; ② good mechanical and sealing performance, high sealing strength; ③ good compatibility performance, suitable for most of the liquids on the market; ④ high ductility, to meet the needs of various shapes; ⑤ very high transparency, can better present the colour of the liquid (5) high transparency, better colour and lustre of the liquid.


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