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What are the categories of PET optical film coatings?-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-12-10
There are many types of PET film. According to the material, there are PET acrylic protective film, PET silicone protective film. Acrylic and silicone protective film are mainly based on PET film, but the difference between the two is still very big. Acrylic protective film is widely used and has high or low viscosity. It can be affixed to a variety of products, and the price is relatively affordable; silicone protective film is usually suitable for affixed to glass surfaces or mirror products. With automatic exhaust function, the high temperature and low temperature performance of the protective film is better than that of the acrylic protective film, but the price is slightly higher. Acrylic protective film is effective in scraping powder, and there will be glue residue when customers use high requirements. Silica gel does not produce bubbles, but it is easy to produce ghost images. It is a company specializing in the production of PET film with multiple functions, such as: transparent PET film, milky white PET film, release PET film, supply of PET motor film, etc. With a wide variety of products, affordable prices, and environmental protection, we provide customers with excellent quality and service based on the service tenet of excellence in production, honesty and trustworthiness in distribution, and warm and thoughtful service. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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