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Plastic film surface treatment

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Current petroleum-based plastics, fiber, synthetic rubber and other synthetic organic polymer materials consumption is more and more big, and is growing fast. But in the practical use, people gradually found that this kind of material surface of many problems, such as low surface hardness, barrier property is poor, difficult to printing, adhesive, static electricity, and poor biological intermiscibility, these problems not only severely affected the surface performance, the use of these products are market to further expand greatly limits its application. < br / > plastic film is one of the most main purpose of the plastic, red accounted for 35% of plastic dosage. Its surface, because of the large relative surface area of plastic film problem is more outstanding, mainly hard difficult printing, adhesive, composite, generate droplets, static electricity, etc. Domestic at present in the industrial application of the plastic film surface treatment technology is the corona method, but the limitations of the method is very big, do not apply for many major purposes. Plasma surface modification technology have been listed in national & other; 863' Plan, but so far no technical breakthrough, the main reason is that the technical requirements of high vacuum degree makes it hard to become a major industrial products of surface modification technology to solve the problems existing in the existing film products and production, the development of high performance and functional film products, expanding the application of plastic film market is of great significance. < br / > the intermittent test, model test and pilot tests, developed a normal graft as the main technical characteristics of the preparation of hydrophilic/hydrophobic asymmetric plastic film the continuous production of new technology. Plastic film which are obtained by the new surface treatment technology, products, its hydrophobic side still has the original film, and the other side can be according to the needs of different surface polarity for any adjustment, until completely close water is reached. Of course, also can undertake processing, on both sides of the membrane at the same time get symmetric modified products.
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