Focus on water soluble film application 

The dream of a personalized high-speed train

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
How to live personalized? Recently, more and more public recreational area is made up of carton design style, or decorated with pictures of like pop stars, must be in close to further the adornment of the high-speed train with a specific theme. < br /> water transfer printing technology can help realize the designer's design. Water transfer printing is also called the hydrological or hydro dipping, application innovation method of printing patterns to plane or three-dimensional objects, in plastic, glass, metal, wood, stone, and many other materials. < br /> this print is very durable, because they have a high quality of the coat, its unique design and custom metal plate printing in railway transportation, easy to work, without any limitation, through proper water transfer printing equipment, several thousand dollars per month can be decorated, with normal method of equipment and technology to print more than 250000 pieces per month. < br /> paragraph can enjoy water transfer printing journey of art, we believe it is a trend quickly, water transfer printing will adopt a variety of applications. < br /> character in heyuan city, guangdong environmental protection material technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on water soluble film ( PVA - Poly (vinyl alcohol) film) In the research, production and sales of new technology companies. We produce water soluble PVA film can be used in ceramic, plastic, metal, wooden items of different transfer the trademark and design, such as electrical shell, automobile mahogany, mobile phone shell, etc. , especially suitable for different printing below. < br /> < br /> we blank film complete varieties, specific size is as follows: 32 (thickness: 40) 50 (micron width: In 80, 100) Cm length: 1000 m/roll. Water transfer printing applicable material: copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, fiber, wood, ceramic, glass, nylon, FRP, the force that press a gram, etc. Water transfer printing applicable areas: 1. Auto supplies, instrument panel, control panel, tissue boxes, tea cups, tape, kinds of frames, operating handles, locks, etc. 2. Electronic products: telephones, tape recorders, stereo, remote control, mouse, watches and clocks, keyboard, camera, hair dryer, etc. 3. Household items: sofa, tea table, cabinets, droplight, ashtrays and vases, decoration with container, etc. 4. Daily products: luggage handle of decoration, tableware, glasses box, pen, pen barrels, desk calendar, art frame, the racket, hair accessories, cosmetic brush, cosmetic box, etc. 5. Indoor building materials: doors and Windows, floor, sticking wallboard, etc. < br /> < br />
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