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Laundry condensate beads product details of the packaging machine is introduced

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
My company has more than a decade engaged in laundry condensate beads packaging machine industry experience of the development team, from customer orders, to the engineer for the design of mechanical drawings, then carries on the spare parts production and processing of skilled workers, after all aspects of the spare parts processing, assembling, the machine after the installation is complete, to the technical personnel test package, troubleshooting. A complete process, ensure the quality of the product. The next to introduce the laundry condensation bead packaging machine products details.
1, the water soluble film laundry condensate beads packaging machine running noise is small, will not affect the surrounding production because the noisy environment.
2, laundry condensate beads packaging machine 7 inch electronic display touch-screen control machine operation, the intelligent PLC + POD electric control system, man-machine interface.
3, the company of the laundry bead packaging machine using a combination of 10 head electronic said to weighing condensate beads, accurate control, do not waste material.
4, on the bag, bag opening device adopts vacuum bag opening way, vacuum cups, effectively avoid missing bag, clamping phenomenon.
5, according to the type of bag size provided by the customer, configure the appropriate stainless steel hopper, blanking and convenient.
6, pincer-like device USES the many kinds of sealing knife, you can install two knife seat sealing at the same time, constant temperature control of the sealing, and also with air bag sealing device.
7, according to user needs can also configure the protection of the transparent organic glass made door, prevent the machine malfunction injury to personnel.
8, the laundry condensate beads take bag packaging machine parts convenient adjustment, if you need different packing bag wide laundry condensate beads, only need to adjust a handle equipment can be adjusted.
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