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The recycling of plastic film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
PVA film < br / > film in plastic products of various kinds, short service life of the general, is one of the main varieties of recycling use. < br / > agricultural film: film and main membrane, membrane mainly for PE film, shed modules have PE, PE/EVA, PVC film, when the recycling use, should distinguish the PE and PVC film, agricultural film are dirty, and often with clay, sand, grassroots, nails, wire, etc. , to wash and remove the iron impurities and recycling method is mainly granulation, if there is a manual sorting, cleaning, the cleaning, waste film after drying can be directly by hot extrusion method production of plastic products, such as basin, barrels, plastic flange etc. < br / > waste polluting plastics recycled aggregate purpose is as follows: < br / > 1. PE recycled aggregate and recycled aggregate can be used to production of agricultural film, PE can also be used to make fertilizer bags, garbage bags, agricultural renewable water pipe, fences, trees, POTS, barrels, dustbin, geotechnical material, etc.
  2. PVC recycled aggregate, PVC recycled aggregate can be used to produce heavy bags, agricultural water pipes, soles, etc. < br / > packaging film, packaging film materials including pt ( 'No other Bin) , PE, PVC, PP, EVA, PVDC, PA, PET, and various composite films. Single layer of a material of packaging film, in the sorting, after cleaning, can be as agricultural film made of plastic products directly or after granulation made from a variety of products. Composite film including different plastic composite film and plastic and paper, aluminum foil, and other material made of thin film, recovery after regeneration process more complicated, such as: < br / > multilayer plastic composite film, multilayer plastic composite film have PE/PP, PE/EVA/PE, PE / / PE/PA/binders, PP/PVDC, etc. , before recycling, must first to separate different materials. Separation of solvent separation method. < br / > paper-plastic composite film: paper-plastic composite membrane in recycled paper-plastic separation before using it, it is also a method of separation of paper-plastic composite, separating equipment for one with a chrome plated hollow cylinder, electric heating cylinder is equipped with a hollow cylinder with blades, hollow cylinder and the cylinder in the opposite direction, after crushing paper-plastic mixture in cylinder, the cylinder when heated after the mixture of plastic melt in cylinder bottom discharging, the air inside the hollow cylinders will waste away. < br / > aluminum-plastic composite membrane, aluminum-plastic compound film BOPP/aluminum, PE/aluminum, etc. , for a variety of food packaging, after use, lu: su composite flexible packaging bags is actually a kind of mixed waste, recycling is difficult. Processing methods abroad mainly for burning heat recovery. China has burned in aluminum and crushing join method of low-grade crude product packing system, the effect is not too ideal. Here is introduced using the electrical conductivity of the aluminum, examples of manufacturing antistatic function materials, the process is as follows: < br / > lu: su composite waste & ndash; Cleaning & ndash; Crushing & ndash; Sieving & ndash; Aggregate & ndash; Aluminum powder & ndash; Additives & ndash; Extrusion & ndash; Semi-finished products & ndash; Extrusion & ndash; < br / > will waste aluminum-plastic composite finished product after cleaning, crushing 10 sieve screening, then aggregate, the process can use aggregate machine. Crumb process conditions for water: 95 0 degree of water. 8 litres, charging time: 3 min. Extraction time 10 min, 5 min crushing time 15 kg each. With extruder extrusion, again after the granular material into semi-finished products, the semi-finished products add add 20% aluminum powder, flame retardant, compatibility agent and other additives, then through extrusion can be choose grain products, used as a conductive material.
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