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Thin film under the Angle of material recycling method immediately

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Manufacture of thin film plastics such as PVC, PP, PE, the main products are shrinkable film, cling film, paper, packaging bags, transparent tape, flat wire woven bag, flat silk weaving cloth & hellip; … And so on. Mostly used for packaging. General film thickness is around zero. 1毫米~ 0。 About 8 mm. Molding method with disc blow molding and flat die extrusion forming, some often used in forming a kind of longitudinal moment, in order to increase the toughness of the product. < br /> the products molding process is the main equipment of extruder ( 挤出机) It production in continuous forming way, in the initial production ( Also before printing) Process, to make it conform to the requirements of the product size, must cut the excess trimmings, also known as the ear. < br /> traditionally, companies will be under the Angle of winding bundles, and then sold to buy, to produce regenerated secondary material; Or homemade regeneration granulation, used in a variety of other products. This way of recycling, already cannot satisfy the modern competitive enterprise management requirements. Because do not conform to the economic benefits, the cost too is high. Available & other; Immediately recycling & throughout; Refers to: 1, cutting film of the ear at the same time, the synchronously the leading way, 2, into a closed shredder, after 3, immediately with delivery process, 4, automatic mixing in quantitative proportion and raw materials, recycling the original ones. So can improve the problems of traditional recycling, reduce a lot of cost, improve the efficiency of the economy and management. < br /> < br />
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