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by:POLYVA     2021-12-07
The PET protective film is the most common protective film on the market. The Coke plastic bottles we saw use this material, and the chemical name is polyester film. PET protective film is often double-layered. This kind of protective film with release film has good quality, uniform coating of the adhesive layer, high cleanliness of the adhesive layer, easy processing, and will not change much after punching. The processing environment requires high cleanliness. Such as: 3M76991, 3M 2T01, NITTO RP301 and other PET protective films. The PET protective film is harder and more scratch-resistant. And long-term use will not turn yellow and oil like PVC material, but the general PET protective film is electrostatically adsorbed, which is easier to foam and fall off, but even if it falls off, wash it in clean water and it can be reused. The price of PET protective film is more expensive than that of PVC. When many well-known foreign brands of mobile phones leave the factory, they are equipped with PET protective stickers. The PET protective film is more exquisite in workmanship and packaging. There are special protective films customized for hot-buy mobile phone models, and they can be used directly without cutting. Some of the well-known brands REDBOBO film and OK8 mobile phone film on the market are also made of PET protective film. PET protective film: SKC/SKYROL: South Korea. Grie: SW83G, SR50, ST53, SB00, SH92, SH94 and other PET protective film (DuPont) Dupont/MYLAR: the United States. Gee: EL, MO, HPMO and other PET protective film (Tori) TORAY/Lumirror: Japan. Grie: A61, E20, H10, S10, S56, S28/S56, T60, X10S, X30 and other PET protective film (woody) KIMOTO: Japan, the material has light diffusion. Grie: D204, D105 and other PET protective film (Mitsubishi) MITSUBISHI/Dialamy: Japan, the fire rating is higher, and the fire rating of 0.34mm or more can be reached.
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