Focus on water soluble film application 

The main purpose of the water soluble PVA film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Heyuan city, character is environmental protection material technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on water soluble film ( PVA - Poly (vinyl alcohol) film) In the research, production and sales of new technology companies. < br /> laptop as an introduction to the main purpose of the water soluble PVA film < br /> < br /> embroidery aspects of water-soluble PVA film as the temporary carrier can be applied to the production of the wig and embroidery. In terms of embroidery, due to the PVA film with water soluble used as advances, only need to normal temperature water bath, a few minutes, advances material will be completely dissolved, embroidery patterns can be present. The advantages of application of water soluble PVA film: non-toxic completely dissolved, processing is convenient, do not produce wire drawing, glue and other residue; Apply to the multi-head embroidery machine, will not break, walk a slant hole; Instead of the payment of non-woven material, avoid high temperature dissolving on deformation and fiber textile dyestuff fading. Made from agricultural aspects with water soluble PVA film containing seeds packing belt can be used for planting crops ( Such as radish, onion, carrot and all kinds of plants, flowers and seeds) So that can improve the efficiency and precision of seeding, and can make the plant according to the seed shape growth will increase with the subnet, can avoid naked seeds in sandstorm area and to blow or let the animals eat, to rain or moisture after water soluble PVA film dissolve, seed in the soil can sprout. Washing aspects in the hospital can use the hot water soluble PVA film bag will take bacterium contaminated packaging supplies and clothing to the isolation, when cleaning disinfection will directly into the packing bag of pollutant cleaning disinfection equipment in the processing, reduce the medical staff in contact with pollution in the process of transportation, storage and cleaning supplies and clothing, to prevent the spread of germs and prevent secondary infections in hospitals. To take off the film in terms of PVA film in the unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin or other thermosetting resin parts, can be used as a kind of high performance remover. Textile packing using PVA membrane compared with the general packaging materials, it has no static, transparency and gloss, and feel is superior to other packaging materials, packaging object brings out the more bright and clean appearance, increase the value of the goods. Because of PVA film with high barrier property to the air, when used for textile packaging, can cut off the air of nitrogen, avoid easy yellowing of textiles. Chemicals, packing of pesticide and fertilizer waste packaging has become a big public hazard of at present, and because PVA film bag has good solubility in water and mechanical strength, is now widely used in pesticide and fertilizer, etc. On the package. Food packaging because of PVA film gas with good barrier property and oil resistance, these features can make the freshness of packaged food significantly longer, and can keep its composition, and odor of intact. PVA membrane application in the food packaging performance of PVA film using the example of anti-oxidation, prevent discoloration bonito fillets, kelp, bean paste, pickled products, milk powder oxidation of oil and grease bacon, sausage, ham, other meat cake, peanuts, beans, bean paste, mayonnaise, moon cake wet mildew semi-finished products, cake, chocolate beans, sublimation tea, coffee, spices and seasoning antistatic powder products insect-resistant medicine, animal food, peanuts, solvent oil and margarine anti-fog muddy packing fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, fresh mushroom other instant noodles electronics packaging due to PVA film with hardly electrostatic, applicable to the integration of electronic products such as packaging. Using PVA film packaging of the goods because there is no charge without adsorption of dust in the air, improve the packaging is clean and beautiful sex. Water transfer printing water soluble PVA film can be used in ceramic, plastic, metal, wooden items of different transfer the trademark and design, such as electrical shell, automobile mahogany, mobile phone shell, etc. < br /> character company concentrating on promoting product quality, technology and product innovation, committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and services. Character is willing to cooperate with you sincerely, and seek common development.
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