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PET release film can also be distinguished by essence-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2022-01-05
PET release film can also be distinguished by its essence. Source: protective film factory direct sales Release time: 2019-11-29 Hits: 1480 1. According to the role of release film, it can be divided into: isolation release film, filling release film, protection Release film, light diffusion film, printing film, matte film, drawing film. 2. The application fields of release film can be divided into: tape release film, waterproof release film, mechanical product packaging release film, hot melt adhesive packaging release film, sanitary care products (diaper not wet) release film, back Glue protection release film, foam tape release film, color packaging, printing, screen printing, pad printing, nameplates, membrane switches, flexible circuits, insulating products, circuit boards, laser anti-counterfeiting, lamination, electronics, sealing materials film , Reflective materials, waterproof materials, medicine (plaster paper), sanitary paper, adhesive products, die-cutting and punching processing and other industries. 3. The release force of the release film can be divided into: ultra-light release force, light Release film, medium release film, heavy release film, overweight release force. Foshan Bowei Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is an electronic material supplier with 20 years of experience. It can produce PET film with multiple functions, such as: sub-(matte) PET film, flame-retardant (fire-resistant) PET film, inkjet printing Film, anti-static PET film, anti-fog PET film, anti-UV PET film, non-shrinking PET film, PET release film, optical PET film, etc. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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