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PVA film thickness control

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
In the stretch film production, film thickness uniformity is an important index of product quality. As the requirement of quality control management, deal with it in real time detection and adjustment, to make it within the scope of the conform to the requirements of continuous production. The uniformity of film thickness directly affects the quality of the downstream products, such as high speed color printing, high speed automatic packaging. Different grades of products, the factory price is different also, the grade rate largely affects the benefit of the enterprise. So in PVA film production line control of thickness of the film also become critical. < br / > affect the uniformity of film mainly include: < br / > the stability of the production line process and production equipment; Components and process to cooperate, coordinate, and the appropriate production equipment are the main factors; The accuracy of measuring tools. Accurate measurement tools, can reflect the change of film thickness in a timely manner; Adjust the opening of the bidirectional die head of accurate and effective. Character film thickness for the product problems always attaches great importance to and continuously explore and improve, in order to achieve excellence. Recently our r&d staff research to solve in pulp caused fluctuations, on the whole film uniformity issues and major breakthroughs were made in solid and successful step. Now we integral plane of thin film thickness control at + / - 0. 2 um become the norm, well solve the uneven thickness of lead to water transfer printing run of the a big problem.
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