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The development history of protective film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-26
The development history of protective film Source: protective film factory direct sales Release time: 2017-12-23 Click: 1503    protective film, as the name suggests, is a kind of film to protect items. Now that the mobile phone industry is developing rapidly and the upgrading is accelerating, the first important thing for many consumers after buying a love phone is to protect the device with a film.   Now the protective film industry is thriving, and the categories of protective film are also dazzling, but in general, the development history of protective film products is still relatively clear. Let us understand the development history of the protective film, which is also helpful to consumers in the purchase of protective film products. First of all, the first thing that appeared on the market was the adhesive PP protective film. Due to the poor material, the protective film adsorbed on the surface of the screen would cause more damage to the screen, so it was replaced by a new material in a short time. . Later, the PVC protective film replaced the PP protective film. The PVC protective film has the advantages of soft texture and easy sticking, but its shortcomings are also obvious: the comparison of materials and poor light transmittance make the screen look hazy. , After tearing it off, the mark of glue will be left on the screen. So it was later replaced by a newer, better protective film.   The emergence of PET protective film has replaced the poorly transparent PVC protective film material on the market. The advantages of PET protective film are obvious: good texture, relatively scratch-resistant, and inexpensive. Therefore, PET materials are widely used as fiber engineering plastics, polyester bottles and other products, and later used as protective films for electronic products: such as computer screen protective films, mobile phone films, and digital camera protective films. When many mobile phone brands leave the factory, a protective film made of PET is randomly attached to the screen. PET itself is an environmentally friendly recyclable material with relatively hard material, strong surface resistance to friction and scratches, and good light transmittance (generally above 90%). It can also be used for special functions on the surface of the protective film Coatings, such as anti-glare coatings, antistatic coatings, etc. PET material protective film will not appear yellowish during long-term use, and its performance is much better than that of PVC material. From the structural point of view, the PET protective film is divided into single-layer, double-layer and three-layer protective film. The middle layer of the three-layer design of the protective film is the use layer, and the surface layer and the bottom layer are both peeling layers. From the application point of view, the mobile phone screen film on the market now is a three-layer PET protective film.
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