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Laundry coagulation melt bead why can realize the water

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
The laundry condensate beads is an innovative product, named after the deep looks like beads, the laundry into one, can quickly melted in the water, have the effect of washing and cleaning. Laundry condensate beads sell very well on the Internet, became the choice of many families. Then why do laundry condensate beads can realize melt in the water? Below small make up answers to help you.
different from traditional washing product function and form, laundry condensate beads content for water content of a few high concentrated laundry care ingredients, without measure, as long as one can easily clean 6 ~ 14 items of dirty clothes. With the use of the convenient and efficient decontamination effect, laundry condensate beads fame, market increased steadily. According to the laundry condensate beads industry standard, laundry detergent active substance content in 15% ~ 25% of the known as normal, 25% ~ 30% is known as concentrated, more than 30% can be labeled 'concentrated laundry detergent' logo, more than 45% can be labeled 'enrichment +' sign, and laundry active substance content in the condensate beads was generally more than 45%.
the outer membrane of the beads in the normal temperature of the water can dissolve quickly the reason is that the material of the outer membrane is not generally. This is a kind of PVA water-soluble plastic film ( Referred to as PVA) , is a kind of hydroxyl polymer, its main composition is polyvinyl alcohol. Water soluble materials, just as its name implies is soluble in water. PVA material not dissolved in normal temperature water environment, no leakage, also not burst in dry environment, and meet after water can dissolve in a short period of time. In addition, the PVA materials as a new type of environmentally friendly materials, in the water dissolves, molecules were susceptible strains of decomposition, can rapid degradation of carbon dioxide and water, and harmless to the human body. The outer membrane after washing no residue, not only is convenient to use and therefore are adored by people.
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