Focus on water soluble film application 

PET film, transparent PET film, milky white PET film, release PET film, supply PET motor film, PET film

by:POLYVA     2021-11-22
The curing method of PET optical film can be divided into thermal curing and ultraviolet curing. Thermal curing is a more traditional and common curing method. Generally speaking, thermal curing is not easy to produce serious volume shrinkage due to curling, which will produce shrinkage stress and affect the strength of the coating. However, thermal curing requires a long period of time, high labor intensity, and environmental pollution problems for solvent-based coating liquids; it is a professional manufacturer of PET films with multiple functions, such as: transparent PET film, milky white PET film, and release PET film , Supply PET motor film and so on. With a wide variety of products, affordable prices, and environmental protection, we provide customers with excellent quality and service based on the service tenet of excellence in production, honesty and trustworthiness in distribution, and warm and thoughtful service. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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