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Plastic bag factory made to illustrate the process of plastic bags

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water soluble bags

1, provide customized size of plastic bags, determine the material to be used. If the customer has the original plastic bags, is directly submitted to the specifications, size, if not, the customer to see someone else's bag is striking, advertising effect is good also want to do this kind of, give me a sample to just do it.

2, determine the custom-built plastic materials, have HDPELDPEOPP. General supermarket shopping bags, such as vest bag is HDPE. It is the comparison of the characteristics of hard and strong.

3, choose style of custom-built plastic bag type: now on the market for plastic bag type is usually a supermarket that is called the vest bag shopping bag, the bag type because the bag on either side of the bar as vest for its name, that can hold things too much, have called bags of food, eat breakfast of steamed buns, steamed bread is this bag and buy food when used for food; For fruit fruit bag; The supermarket with the shopping bag; Called water pockets of clothing, the general is larger; And garbage bags, usually black, household, mobile phones wholesale also like to pack. Do dig a hole if you want to do a little bag bag, the bag is compared commonly thick, rectangle, one above the mouth, folding or not folding, if you like eating duck neck, you don't strange, general is the use of excavated bags; If you do business of crafts, home textile, may be flat pocket, OPP viscose bag, flat pocket high and low voltage, white or ivory, general big teddy bear that is; Like a towel that class is OPP viscose bag, transparent, viscose, can print, also has a mechanical and electrical industry make flat bag as a mechanical and electrical products cases, wrapped in accessories into the box. If the food industry with more is the compound bag, watercress, biscuits, bubble pepper chicken feet, tea, candy, this class is, this class is generally two layer composite, three layer compound, to cooking is divided into ordinary, high temperature cooking bags, according to the product to be loaded to a deal. This kind of bag is compared commonly exquisite patterns, using electric engraving, sealing side sealing, back sealing, seal, in some more punch. There is a touch more is the bottle, water mark. Soy sauce that is outside the bottle label, water mark is outside the east east, known as the mineral water, the classes and sorbet, ice cream with heat shrinkable film, and do the tableware disinfection is using the same kind of material. Other temporarily don't say, see the sample.

4, water soluble bags provide company name, LOGO or trade name of vector graphic, if there is no free design, generally do not collect design, edition fee is charge of. Generally know to print version of the, paper printing as a don't version can be printed, plastic printing more informed I didn't hear don't version, version if there is the same customers, bring them here, and it is printed directly needn't didn't also necessity to plate making, version to the whole, however, do not lack the arm little leg. If not only to do it, if you or text only need to change the original design, can be revised, cost than new a little bit cheaper. Plastic printing edition is a steel roller, a newly tuo tuo, if small beauty still carry strength, not paper printing stereotype. Can of course, some simple screen printing, this is cheap, if you have rich own hands, just make it white bag, the customer to the pond to be a silk screen version, buy some ink brush your back one by one.

5, custom-built plastic bags to accept 30% deposit before do big goods, water soluble bags this is charge of, each line to receive the deposit, met the bag came to pickup time not to pick up the goods, make telephone dozen past always say good to pick up the goods, take a few months; Also have customers do not goods, few people do business of keeping partnership set up shop, side bags ready, customer said the shop doesn't open, only keep selling retail, these are custom-made, printed above is other people's products publicity, which is, well, the results back only covers.

6, custom-built plastic bags of production preparation, the next step is to make and buy material, blown film, printing, cutting, packaging, delivery, and of course credit.

7, custom-built plastic bags production cycle: design, plate-making will normally 3 days, bag making four days, the finished product is expected to be about 7 days. All goods is logistics, generally to all over the country, logistics according to the distance. Around 2 days in the province, the province is 3 days. The other is usually 7 days or so.

8, the product quantity problem: customized plastic bags for blown film, water soluble packaging printing test machine, so out of the bag may be than the order quantity more or less, is usually based on the actual amount of payment.

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