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The difference between pet protective film and electrostatic film-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-11-12
Protective film is a kind of protective film product used in industry. It can be used to protect smooth surface items from scratches, dust and water. Pet protective film is widely used in hardware, plastics, backlight, diaphragm, light-enhancing film, acrylic Board and so on. The function of the electrostatic film is the same as that of the pet protective film in large areas, such as scratch-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof. The difference and the same is that the pet protective film has electrostatic adsorption and viscosity adsorption. Today we are mainly to understand the difference between pet protective film and electrostatic film. PET protective film is divided into non-electrostatic adsorption and electrostatic adsorption. There are two-layer, three-layer structure and three-layer electrostatic protective film. The three-layer structure of PET is used, that is, one layer of release film + one layer of PET protective film + one layer of release The film used is the PET electrostatic protective film in the middle layer, and the other two layers are used for protection; now the pet film is generally scratch-resistant, and the so-called static electricity is silica gel. Pet protective film non-electrostatic adsorption Non-electrostatic adsorption mainly refers to glue sticking. Although the sticking property is relatively strong, it is also prone to various problems. The first is that the glue remains, and the second is that after the film has been pasted for long enough and then removed, the screen will feel insensitive to the touch due to the penetration of the glue. The electrostatic adsorption of PET protective film will not produce the above phenomenon. The electrostatic adsorption method is based on the principle of physics. When the protective film comes into contact with the LCD screen, the pressure in the air between the protective film and the LCD screen becomes smaller, making the atmospheric pressure stronger than the pressure of the air between the screen and the film. Generate adsorption capacity. Electrostatic film is not only easy to stick, but also easier to tear off.
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