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The difference between plastic and paper shopping bags

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water soluble bags

in recent years, people have gradually aware of the dangers of plastic bags, then began to appear on the market such as paper bags, environmental protection bags, and other material bag, actually what are the difference between plastic and paper shopping bags? Then < br /> < br /> plastic and paper shopping bags has the following main difference < br /> < br /> & have spent   1. Scope: plastic packaging bags than paper bags have greater choice space, water soluble packaging plastic bags can be used to keep for a long time, the paper waterproof and moistureproof function are weak contrast, go against food reserves. And contrast of plastic bags is useful. < br /> < br />   2. Moisture resistance: paper packaging moistureproof function is poor, with a strong plastic bags. < br /> < br />   3. Maintenance functions: paper bag fragile, plastic tensile strength, elongation rate is higher, it is not easy to damage. < br /> < br />   4. Environmental protection: paper easy differentiation, plastic bags is not easy to degrade. Water soluble bags and therefore needs a lot of research and development with low cost and easy to degradation of environmentally friendly plastic bags. < br /> < br />   5. Paper bag although has the strong ability of protecting the environment, paper bag on forest damage is more serious, and deforestation as well as the production of paper bags also demand the use of water and electricity. Thus, originally paper bag is not environmentally more advantages than plastic bags. Plastic bags and paper bags demand equilibrium is applied, and speed up the use environmental protection bag is in the best interest of environmental protection.

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