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by:POLYVA     2021-11-08
From the appearance point of view, there is no difference between coated paper and plastic release paper coated with silicon in the same specification; and the release film coated with silicon is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye from ordinary film, but you only need to rely on A few simple tools and operations can tell the difference very well, such as a piece of tape, a signature pen, and a small tear-off paper test. First, let’s take a look at the difference between ordinary plastic film and release film. Cut a piece of tape, stick it to these films, and then peel it off. It feels easy to peel off, and there is no noise during the peeling process. It is the release film that has been coated with silicon, and it is more difficult to uncover. The squeaky noise during the uncovering process is the ordinary plastic film that has not been coated with silicon. With this method, it can also be distinguished whether it is a single silicon release film coated with silicon on one side or a double silicon release film coated with silicon on both sides, and it can even compare which side is coated with silicon and the size of the peeling rate. Another method is to use a water pen to detect. Scratch on the surface of the film. No ink can be drawn on the surface of the release film, but there will be ink marks of different shades on the ordinary film. Plastic release paper and coated paper of the same specification are also indistinguishable in appearance, but the difference between the two can also be distinguished by the above method. Glossy plain paper and coated paper sometimes look very similar, but if they are torn apart by hand, the plain paper will only have fiber hairs at the edge of the tear, while the coated paper will have some small fibers besides the wood fiber. Small diaphragm. If the tape is used for testing, the coated paper will make a noise during the process of removing the tape, but nothing will stick to the tape, while the glossy plain paper will stick to the coating and wood fiber on the surface of the paper.  Sometimes, silicon-coated glassine release paper has the same specification and color, and it is difficult to distinguish it on the desktop, and they also have the same release characteristics. However, the glassine paper is made of high-pressure light, so the paper is more uniform and flat, and generally more transparent, so you only need to look at the transparency and the uniformity of the paper by looking at the brightness of these two similar papers. , If it doesn’t work, just tear it open with your hands, and you can see the film fragments is the coated paper.
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