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Bowei high-speed condensed bead packaging machine shipped

by:POLYVA     2021-09-16
Our company can provide liquid high-speed laundry bead packaging machine and powder high-speed laundry bead packaging machine. We have been producing this machine for 6 years, with stable products, high output, and no leakage. An ordinary Bowei laundry bead packaging can produce 1,200,000 laundry beads a day, which can bring you considerable benefits. Water-soluble film packaging products of laundry gel bead packaging machine: The water-soluble film is made of water-soluble polymer materials that can quickly dissolve in water and is made through a specific film-forming process. It is a water-soluble, degradable, novel green packaging material , The water-soluble bag is characterized by fast water solubility and no residue. The main purpose is a disposable bag, which is not suitable for human contact, and is the inner packaging material of the product. The water-soluble bag is pollution-free, non-toxic, and degrades into water and carbon dioxide; the water-soluble bag is antistatic, tensile strength, uniform tension, and does not absorb dust; the water-soluble bag is heat-sealed with good heat-seal performance; in Europe, America, Japan, etc. China is widely used in the packaging of various products. It is environmentally friendly, easy to dissolve, safe, non-toxic, oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant, anti-static, elastic and tensile, free packaging, accurate measurement, strong heat sealing, breathable and oxygen resistant, clear printing, and highly anti-counterfeiting. The scope of application of laundry gel bead packaging machine: such as pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, dyes, detergents, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergents, concrete additives, etc. Pesticide liquid, cleaning liquid supplies, medical liquid washing bag. Features of laundry gel bead packaging machine This equipment adopts international advanced technology and is practically used for PVA resin water-soluble membrane polymer materials that quickly dissolve in water. This equipment is a dual-purpose machine and can be used for different formulation products such as viscous and micro-particles. Roller packaging has fast production speed, accurate measurement, and beautiful finished products. The machine adopts microcomputer PLC programmable control, photoelectric sensor, and the main electrical components are imported components, which can be stable and reliable and easy to operate. The machine adopts servo motor drive, which has more precise positioning and stable operation. Main parameters and configuration of mechanical parameters of water-soluble film packaging: 1. Use 304 stainless steel case 2. PLC uses Japanese Mitsubishi, Taiwan Weilun touch screen 3. Hardened 520 aluminum parts are oxidized, 4. Intelligent temperature controller controls heat sealing temperature 5. Packing speed: 800-1400 bags/min 6. Packing weight: 5-35g (liquid, customized mold) 7. Packing size: 37*53*20mm (excluding sealing position) can be customized according to customer needs 8. Power supply :380V9. Air source: 0.6mpa10. Power: 7kw11. Machine size: 3150*1350*2150mm 12. Weight: 1000kg u003cbru003e u003cbru003e
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