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Procurement of water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
When water soluble film of choose and buy should be based on the model of water soluble film use, packaging machine, embroidery machine machine, sewing needle density, embroidery purposes, to the characteristics of the packaged goods, weight and other factors to consider of the specifications of the water soluble film, when necessary, can be customized non-standard specifications in order to better use and control purchasing cost, purchasing idea to consider the following:
1, the water soluble film for the embroidery embroidery, embroidery needle count and density should be considered to determine the specifications of the water soluble film, usually, the more needles ( Density closer) The more we should choose thicker film; The width of the water soluble film is mainly based on the effective work width of embroidery machine, recommended to choose 3 - more than the embroidery machine width 5 cm, it would be better to use, if purchase quantity can not reach the minimum quantity of an order for the manufacturers can choose and buy when more than a wide level of water soluble film; When the length of the water soluble film is purchasing the most minor factors, the determining factor is mainly consider the transportation, handling and convenience of operation time, when the production of water soluble film in 10 - typically control Between 20 kg. Fabric and embroidery thread color is water soluble film determinants of colour and lustre, manufacturers in the production of natural water soluble film only commonly, if the fabric and embroidery thread is dark can also be customized black, red, yellow, blue, green wait for color, But the quantity is larger, factories are reluctant to do coloured film) ; Consider the degree of hardness and softness of water soluble film, general use soft membrane under the condition of the low environment humidity and vice with epidural, but relatively good control some soft membrane, epidural easy to crack,
2, is used for automatic packaging machine of water soluble film procurement should be based on the performance of the packaging machine, packaging goods characteristic, the size of the packaging bags, packaging weight to determine the quality of the water soluble film, width, thickness and hardness, also should according to the packaging machine is adjustable heat sealing temperature ( Heat sealing temperature 180 ℃ - commonly 220℃) To adjust water soluble film formula;
3, the choose and buy manual packing of water soluble bag packing goods characteristic, which should be considered to determine the size of the packaging bags, packaging, weight water soluble film quality, width, thickness and hardness, and at the same time to choose suitable for heat sealing machine, Heat sealing temperature 180 ℃ - commonly 220℃) To sealing side. But should pay attention to in operation of water soluble film and water soluble bag cannot touch water, the best operating personnel with special mask ( Avoid saliva when he spoke to the water soluble film) And gloves ( To prevent the hand sweat affect water soluble film quality) Rest, such as suspend operation, wrapped in sealed bags, avoid damp air contact with the outside world for a long time influence of water soluble film hardness;
4, used in electronic products, anti-static packaging water soluble film and water soluble bags mainly consider electronic product specific requirements for anti-static, the other with the consideration of packing particles and powders.
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