Focus on water soluble film application 

The benefits of water soluble film biodegradable plastic bags in where?

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

in the market now is said to have large Numbers of precipitable water poured out of the soluble plastic membrane solution, compared with the ordinary plastic bag is no different on the surface, but will find considerable differences in technology, now many of the most used in the vegetable stall or ordinary bags, after people buy vegetables will bring home the bag in food storage containers as trash bags, it would cause the second pollution to the environment. < br / > biodegradable bags benefits than ordinary plastic products or the benefits of a lot of, now the country's implementation of the 'plastic limit order' is ten years fermentation, the country has to understand the common plastic products of the damage to the country, the production of biodegradable plastic bags, now can solve the problem now, the best and biodegradable plastic 'oxidation biological double degradable plastics' is wang academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences awarded the international advanced level, the workshop is to give the people put a weight of heart, can really put down the heart.

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