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The emergence of biodegradable plastic bags make the world away from the white pollution

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

textile packaging water soluble film

we all know the white pollution is actually caused by the plastic pollution,

textile packaging water soluble film

and biodegradable plastic bags just solved this difficult problem for people, everyone in the mind is very happy because he thought plastic bags don't have to worry that one day will be covered, although everyone really want biodegradable bags can solve this problem, but the heart is full of doubt, what degradation of biodegradable plastic bags? < br /> long ago heard of photodegradation, because not controllable degradation, degradation in the dark under the condition of no, go away. Then appear starch degradation,

textile packaging water soluble film

this is made of starch and polyethylene, starch dissolved in water, but not degradation of polyethylene or conference in one hundred, has been ruled out. With biological double oxide degradation, instantly feel tall, on hearing the name of others is degraded, and he is double degradation, through my investigation, the degradation principle is and their name is the same as 'double degradation' to oxidative degradation and biodegradation, and heard that they are environmentally friendly materials and polyethylene mix, so that it can guarantee the polyethylene under the action of environmentally friendly materials, will quickly degradation, under a series of contrast, can see out which degradation products can seize the hearts. < br /> if the presence of the police and the army will defend the peace of the world, so the emergence of biodegradable plastic bags is to save the world pollution, also we have a better tomorrow, here also hope that more people use biodegradable plastic bags, let us white pollution.

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