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The misunderstanding of laundry capsule's viscosity

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

'When considering a detergent, its quality should be valued by its active matter in the formula. But this cannot be seen by end users. They judge the quality for its outlook, like color, viscosity, perfume strong or not. But these are misunderstanding of the products quality. As manufactures knows people usually think like this, they add some agent in the formula to achieve the result which end users wished. But the quality has not improved any bit.



These years I’m working on the new laundry detergent capsule or named as laundry gel capsule, or laundry pods, any way it’s the same thing just called different. Buyers always ask me to make it thicker when they saw my formula looks like water. Considering this product the liquid should be made to be like water so that it can release active agent in the water as soon as possible. But they don’t agree with me, as they say that “people like it in this way”. Ok, I give it to you. At the end I have add some useless chemical in the formula to upgrade the viscosity of the liquid.

This is really funny thing. People usually prefer to believe the things they see even it’s fake. '

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