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Tell you what is the environmental protection water soluble bag

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

the main raw material of plastic bags is petroleum by-products polyethylene ( PE) With polypropylene ( PP) , accounting for 2% of the oil consumption, plastic bags don't need extra exploitation of natural resources, manufacturing, so the plastic bag is best, it is convenient, lightweight, durable, high plasticity, waterproof and bacterium, cheap, more can be recycled, now also temporarily no other packaging products comparable. The invention of the plastic bags bring convenience for human beings, health life. The emergence of the plastic bag also reduced the waste of food, the nature of the anti bacterium mouldproof and protect the human health, and also can replace other packaging materials, plastic bags, such as cans, paper, glass, etc. , in order to reduce energy loss, greenhouse gas emissions.

      Because it is 'environmental protection', is, of course, only the relative environmental protection. But this is not to say that we want now to white pollution continue to deteriorate, so we should actively create new environmental protection plastic!

    We produce water soluble bags, environmental protection, health

& have spent     Under such a big trend: PVA water soluble bag! ! !
      PVA ━ ━ polyvinylalcohol, polyvinyl alcohol, it is a pollution-free, non-toxic, water-soluble plastic bags, instant, under the influence of water formed gradually after the glue solution can penetrate into the soil, increase soil mass of viscosity, permeability and water retention, very suitable for the reconstruction of the soil, and PVA polymer were susceptible strains in the soil decomposition, final degradation of water and carbon dioxide ( H2O and CO2) 。 Because it has completely water soluble and biodegradable, so it is worthy of green environmental protection product.

      PVA is now can be made into film, thus producing bags, due to the nature of it is water soluble, PVA bag is called water soluble bags. He inherited some excellent properties of ordinary plastic bags, and like a paper bag man of the characteristics of environmental protection, easy degradation, he is in the history of the most environmentally friendly bag! Of course in the actual production and processing process also encountered some difficult technical problems, but I believe that such performance excellent plastic bags, plastic bags will certainly be in the mainstream of the material, to the health of the human life added a splendid chapter! If you have any requirements, please contact us

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