Focus on water soluble film application 

Biodegradable plastic for sustainable packaging

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
< br /> the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement for manufacturers to see the chances of biodegradable plastics in the packaging market. Many international well-known manufacturers have entered the market in the form of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures. Given the current consumer awareness of biodegradable plastics is not high, the future will also need to foster the market, guide the consumers to accept this kind of environmental protection material, biodegradable plastics development prospect. Today, & other; The sustainable development of the packaging & throughout; As a term is no longer the packaging quality judgement according to the sustainable development of packaging industry in the future should concentrate on practicability and sustainability after use, rather than the packaging itself. For packaging industry is moving toward efficient products, high efficient packing, efficient transport efficiency and efficient solutions are the four main aspects, such as all-round development. As the intelligent packaging, not the source of petrochemical plant plastic, drive the development of packaging will make the whole supply chain more efficient, and effective packaging solutions. This is a very big progress, many small businesses and corporations have invested heavily in its recoverable after packaging supply chain and used, thus more & other; Sustainable & throughout; That phrase & other; Sustainable packaging & throughout; Will also cease to exist. Now some people in the society is the plastic products group, it does not accept any form of plastic packaging products, sustainable packaging products and very suspicious. Packaging industry experts joann haines said, as the industry enterprise, if you want to get more consumers, change their prejudices, make sustainable packaging industry gets more broad space for development, it should pay more attention to consumer cognition, packaging and practicability, the biggest sustainability throughout the supply chain and recyclability after use, etc. < br /> < br />
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