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How to correctly buy PET electrostatic film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-22
How to buy PET electrostatic film correctly Source: Protective film factory direct sales Release time: 2019-12-26 Hits: 5269 The electrostatic adsorption method is based on the principle of physics, when the protective film comes into contact with the LCD screen, between the protective film and the LCD screen The pressure in the air becomes smaller, making the atmospheric pressure stronger than the pressure of the air between the screen and the film, thereby generating adsorption capacity. Electrostatic film is not only easy to stick, but also easier to tear off. When you buy a screen protector, you should not only consider the scratch resistance of the film, but also pay attention to the adsorption. It is not electrostatic adsorption. The electrostatic adsorption screen protector sold on the market is accurately static + silica gel ion adsorption, silica gel The adsorption capacity of the layer has a great influence on the adsorption performance of the film. The adsorption capacity of the silica gel layer of the electrostatic adsorption screen protection film of different manufacturers varies greatly due to different technical levels. Therefore, the same is the electrostatic adsorption screen protection film, but different brands The service life of the screen film is different due to the difference in adsorption. Foshan Bowei Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is an electronic material supplier with 20 years of experience. It can produce PET film with various functions, such as: sub-(matte) PET film, flame-retardant (fire-resistant) PET film, inkjet printing Film, anti-static PET film, anti-fog PET film, anti-UV PET film, non-shrinking PET film, PET release film, optical PET film, etc. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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