Focus on water soluble film application 

Publicity of water soluble bags to reduce white pollution

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water soluble bags are biodegradable plastic bags, water soluble bags to replace all kinds of product packaging, although the whole thing looks very difficult, the scope of the general, but in order to protect our environment, promote the water soluble bags are inevitable, can start from simple place first, from the pet waste bag promotion biodegradable plastics. Pet population is rich, with a strong environmental awareness. If you can take the form of legislation, will inevitably promote the development of the market, bring new momentum of development. If use biodegradable bags instead of household garbage bags, it is also a larger market, also should be a must to do in the future. After completion of the work, and then gradually replace to other garbage bags, or other thin film, is gradually introduced as possible.

in water soluble bags before promotion, food packaging, plastic foam filling difficult to degradation products such as packaging, agricultural plastic films free throw litter, caused serious white pollution, led to the phenomenon of environmental pollution. Water soluble bag to make the environment of our country by the emergence of a lot of improvement, the phenomenon of the white pollution is with ease, we should vigorously promote.

water soluble bags to reduce white pollution has a very important role in our country, now our country is in the positive promotion. < br / >

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