Focus on water soluble film application 

PVA film market at home and abroad

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
With people's increasingly attention to environmental protection, plastic & to the environment after using other White pollution & throughout; The attention of the world, therefore, capable of biodegradable material obtained the vigorous development. Pva membrane microbial decomposition of an outstanding performance, can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water, polluting the environment, and also has some unique properties, such as: gas barrier property, transparency, antistatic property, strong toughness, resistance to organic solvents, such as water soluble, can meet various industries all kinds of demands of thin film, thus caused the development and application both at home and abroad. < br /> a: the characteristics of PVA film (1) environmental friendly: PVA film after deprecated in outdoor or field, which is able to completely dissolved after the rains washed out a few times and with the rainwater to drain away, to participate in the cycle of nature, not form a headache & other White pollution & throughout; , which can effectively prevent the spread of toxic or harmful. Infiltration in the soil also can be used as a soil conditioner, especially suitable for sandy soil. (2) health features: the United States, Japan and many other research institutions have on polyvinyl alcohol related range of experiment, the results prove its non-toxic. (3) water solubility: soluble in water, insoluble in almost all organic solvents. (4) high resistance permeability: under the condition of dry, PVA film cut off oxygen, nitrogen is better than other films. (5) oil resistance: PVA membrane has excellent animal oil, vegetable oil, mineral oils resistance and other properties. 6. Acid resistance: PVA film of weak acid and weak base with a strong patience. 7) besides, PVA film has good printing ability, excellent heat sealing performance and dustproof performance, transparency, glossiness, tension is equal to or better than the traditional plastic film. < br /> 2: the application of PVA film PVA membrane has excellent barrier property, water soluble and friendly to the environment, development at home and abroad in recent years is one of the most successful green environmental protection material. It has won general recognition of the environmental protection authorities and the masses of users at home and abroad, is being more and more widely used in packaging, textile embroidery and water transfer printing and other fields. Such as pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, mineral additives, detergent, garden care with chemical reagent, etc. , can also be as rapeseed, plant ZhongZiDai, clothing bags, food and hospital washing bags and other packaging products, at the same time can also be used for textile embroidery advances, and water transfer printing and take off the membrane material. < br /> < br />
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