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[Release film] Product characteristics analysis of PET non-silicon release film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-28
[Release film] Analysis of the product characteristics of PET silicone-free release film Release time: 2021-08-27 Click: 2125 1. Product composition inspection is 100% free of organic silicon residue, the release effect is stable, and it is green and environmentally friendly. 2. The release film is a high-end press-bonded isolation material with a very high filling type, which can completely replace copper foil, PTX press board, and matt release film is the best choice for the processing of epoxy dendritic printed circuit boards. , Has high tensile strength and tear, low shrinkage, high anti-sticking characteristics. 3. The surface is clean, no scratches, uniform coating, no transfer, and small shrinkage. Product use: Silicone-free release film, used for FPC/PCB/HDI/LCL/laminated and backlogged circuit board manufacturing. The surface adopts a silicon-free coating process to eliminate the problem of residual silicone oil pollution. Silicone-free release film is just for High-quality environmentally friendly products that meet this demanding process and provide customers. Talking about the reason why the silicone oil is dropped from the release film. The release film refers to a film with a distinctive film appearance. The release film and specific materials do not have stickiness or slight stickiness after being touched under limited conditions. Generally, in order to add the release force of the plastic film, the plastic film will be plasma treated, or fluorine-coated, or coated with a silicon release agent on the surface of the film material, such as PET, PE, PP, OPP, etc. Regarding a variety of different organic pressure sensitive adhesives, it can exhibit extremely light and stable release force. According to the different required release force of the release film, the viscosity of the isolation product is different, and the release force is adjusted accordingly to make it reach a very light and stable release force during peeling. The saying that the silicone oil is dropped 1. The temperature is too high during the use of the release film. 2. The storage is improper. 3. The coating is uneven. The release film is a material commonly used in thermal transfer. The substrate is PET. It is also called silicone oil film. Conventional thickness is from 25um to 150um. There are hot and cold torn and matte surfaces. Through anti-static and anti-scratch treatment, the product has excellent adsorption and fit.
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