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The performance characteristics of laundry condensate beads packaging equipment

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Laundry condensate beads packaging equipment is applicable to imported PVA water soluble film set beads, laundry detergent condensate beads packing, packing types of the bag bag, zipper bag, etc. , basically we common to some of the import type water soluble film condensation bead bag to packaging, can use this machine meet the needs of the market. Below to introduce the laundry condensate beads under the performance characteristics of packaging equipment:
1, PID temperature control system, adopt modular temperature control of heating, more preparation, in the process of heating failure can send out alarm prompt.
2, advanced design idea, reduce the material loss, ensure the stability of equipment operation, extend the operating life of the equipment.
3, laundry condensate beads packaging equipment use prefabricated packaging bag types such as bags, zipper bags, packaging design in advance, good printing, sealing and beautiful, to improve the quality and grade of the packaging products.
4, the packing equipment the whole running system adopts Siemens PLC control, and configuration of Siemens 7 inch electronic touch screen operation interface, set operating parameters on various aspects is simple, easy to get started.
5, packaging equipment host within the whole internal structure with single shaft transmission and the design of the CAM, the packing speed faster, parts wear rate is low, operation is more stable and maintenance more simple.
6, the equipment is not only suitable for laundry detergent condensate beads and the condensation of water soluble film pearl particles packed materials such as packaging, packaging can also liquid, paste, powder materials, such as different material configuration of metering device.
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