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Packed in plastic film toothpicks can lower costs

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Toothpick production has always been one of the pillars of bamboo industry, people have seen the toothpicks are generally made of paper packaging. But the single way of packing will be the local toothpick manufacturers change, paper & no other; Throughout the world united &; 。

plastic film packaging costs only half paper packaging

for a long time, longmen toothpicks packaging pattern is unitary, the restaurant industry toothpick is usually 1 or 2 small paper bag containing a toothpick, or with small plastic tube bloom more number of scattered a toothpick. Between the two has a larger market space, that is a cheap restaurant is more sensitive to cost, hope to be able to buy both let a guest feel clean, the price is cheap, toothpicks, paper packaging, plastic film packaging.

using improved mechanical production of plastic film packaging toothpicks, its biggest characteristic is to make pens toothpicks packaging cost greatly reduced. Plastic film packaging and paper packaging two toothpicks, the former the packaging cost is only half the latter.

new packaging toothpicks mainly sold to food stalls and restaurants

see foreign toothpicks with plastic film packaging before feel very novel, later to see some parts from other provinces also have film packaging toothpicks, decided to conduct the test. Plastic film packaging toothpicks, because before saw sign are specifications are more easy to control wood, not bamboo stick, then set about to improve after purchase packaging machinery, after several efforts to succeed. Said the test process primarily overcome the two difficulties: one is the issue of coil heat; The second is for packing the precision of the control. Now, after the improved packaging machinery, can put any number of toothpick into the plastic film.

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