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Plastic reworked material hierarchy and advantages

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
For the convenience of the production, should according to different quality level classification plastic reworked material. So how to divide? A, according to the quality classification: A, the color is consistent, transparent, high gloss, very smooth, Especially the high-pressure ethylene) , there is no difference with the new material. B, the color is consistent, material particles generally transparent, high gloss, some varieties also smooth. C, generally consistent color, opacity, gloss and smoothness is poorer. D, mixed color, turbidity, poor smoothness, is often a variety of density of the mixture of ethylene and old plastic. Four levels of reworked material all can according to the needs of different quality of the products, can be isolated, can also be mutual collocation, can be used mixed with new material. Plastic reworked material ranks distinguish and advantages plastic reworked material benefits and advantages, hierarchical, has two advantages: ( 1) And comprehensive utilization; Consumption and circulation process of plastic garbage is the main source of the recycling of waste plastics after different time of use and outdoor use in different environments, affected by various factors in the environment, the different degrees of degradation, the tensile strength of the physical and mechanical properties of different degrees of decline. According to the different quality of plastic, need to separate regeneration. From considering recycling product quality at the same time, should be the comprehensive utilization of reworked material quality is suitable for different purposes to the best advantage. ( 2) And control technology; The regulation of various working parameters and choose different reworked material quality will affect the melting point. In terms of new material, polypropylene melting point is 150 degrees, ethylene above the melting point of 140 degrees, the melting point of the linear ethylene at about 135 degrees. Relatively, all sorts of reworked material melting point is lower than the same new material, different mixing ratio between each type, such as melting point will be different. Therefore, according to the quality of the plastic reworked material divided into classes is necessary. < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / >
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