Focus on water soluble film application 

There are two types of water transfer printing technology

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Water transfer printing technology is divided into two kinds: one kind is the water transfer printing technology, the other is a water transfer printing technology. < br /> < br /> the main text and pictorial design of transfer printing, the latter tend to complete transfer printing in the entire product surface. < br /> not only transfer printing technology ( CubicTransfer) Use a easily dissolved in water of water film to carry graphic. < br /> < br /> because only the water film tension is admirable, it is easy to around product surface formed by layers, and the surface of the product like painting get different appearance. Lie on any shape of the workpiece, for producers to solve the problem of three-dimensional printing products. Surface not only can the product surface with different grain, such as leather. Wood grain. Jade lines and marble, etc, and at the same time also can avoid color printed general layout in phantom. And in the printing process, due to the product surface does not need to contact with the printing film, can avoid damage to the product surface and its integrity. < br /> < br /> water transfer printing with special chemical treatment of thin film, after printed on the required color lines, flat on the surface of the water, use the function of water pressure, the transfer printing colour texture design on product surface, when the coated automatically dissolved in water, after cleaning and drying, and then a layer of transparent protective coating when product has emerged as a distinct visual effect. < br /> < br />
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