Focus on water soluble film application 

Notable new varieties

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Water soluble film < br / > the main features are: < br / > ( 1) Mechanical properties - Mechanics performance is good, and can be heat sealing and heat sealing strength is higher;
( 2) Security - Avoid direct contact with the user by packaging, can be used for packages of harmful substances;
( 3) Environmental protection - Degradation of thoroughly, is the product of CO2 and H2O, can thoroughly solve the problem of packaging waste treatment;
( 4) Rubber seals - With anti-fake function, and can be used for quality products anti-counterfeiting best weapons, prolong the life cycle of products. < br / > black and white film < br / > the main features are: < br / > ( 1) - heat sealing Excellent heat sealing performance;
( 2) Sex - resistance oxygen With unique light resistance of oxygen function;
( 3) Low price. < br / > occurred in milk or black and white film market in China will be the development direction of the next few years milk packaging. Black and white film of Chinese dairy companies use the milk packaging imported. Black and white film generally made up of three or four layers of different packaging for polyethylene with black and white masterbatch co-extrusion compound and into. Its general use heat sealing layer branched degree is high and uniform, and a narrow molecular weight distribution of metallocene linear low density polyethylene < br / >
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