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The laundry condensate beads and difference

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Laundry condensate beads and laundry is the difference between their product shape is different, laundry liquid condensate beads as wrapped package, solid laundry for pills.
the laundry and condensate beads output is almost the same period of the new product, can the laundry condensate beads and abroad difference is very big, now in Europe and the laundry coagulation bead penetration rate is quite high, while the laundry condensate beads on the mainland began to slowly broke out.
laundry market also began to slump, because it was very flat products, laundry tablets, for example; Laundry piece of washing powder extrusion into solid loading.
and laundry condensate beads requires a very high technical content, can be low temperature freezing, adult sites on extrusion are no problem, clean power is common several times of washing powder.
1, laundry washing clean force and the number of clothes, because itself is small, so is suitable for washing of the individual.
2, sales channels have distinction, main ZouDian laundry condensate beads, offline business super, laundry main go wechat business.
3, laundry condensate beads and laundry clean force, one 20 the laundry condensate beads with a 4 g, detergency laundry coagulation pearl effect is better, and stay sweet time longer.
4, laundry, laundry condensate beads advocate machine is special, mild laundry sheet does not hurt the hand is more suitable for hand washing.
5, laundry condensate beads are not subject to any limitations, because the laundry has several specifications; Specifications but laundry condensate beads can support a variety of flavor and customization.
the above introduction is the laundry condensate beads and the difference between the blade, everyone's understanding.
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