Focus on water soluble film application 

Zhejiang university invented new calculating water transfer printing technology for three-dimensional objects custom color 'appearance'

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Recently, < br / >, a cool video in the overseas famous video website were mentioned: a white cheetahs just 3 d print model, slowly into the pool, floating color film when it surfaced again, were both & other; Long & throughout; A vivid picture of fur, eyes, ears, tail, is lifelike. Video hits so far has more than 500000 times, science and technology media praised: this is a & other; Crazy & throughout; “ Incredible & throughout; The invention. < br / > < br / > the video display, is zhejiang university, state key laboratory of computer aided design and graphics Zhou Kun professor team the latest achievements: in the United States and a Columbia University cooperation project, the team has carried on the innovation of traditional water transfer printing technology, put forward the new computing water transfer printing technology, to solve the problems of paint for three-dimensional objects accurately. The results of the study of related papers have been international conference on computer graphics community's top. < br / > < br / > in simple terms, this is a new type of printing & ndash; — Point-to-point & other; Target & throughout; Three-dimensional objects accurate color. , who led the study of the Yangtze river, zhejiang university scholar Zhou Kun said, 3 d printing technology to print production of full-color 3 d objects with complex pattern is still quite difficult. This makes the original customization oriented 3 d printing, in terms of pattern and color always & other; Personality & throughout; Can't get up, very monotonous. This has been the industry, is also a difficult problem in scientific circles. < br / > < br / > although there are some industrial 3 d printers can support color printing, but printing cost is high, the speed is slow, and only to a few materials such as plastics and gypsum. “ We hope that we can, by the way of calculation to solve the bottleneck problem in 3 d printing production. Let originally very difficult thing, become simple. ” < br / > < br / >” Water transfer printing is widely used in industrial paint surface technology, but can only be used for coloring of accuracy requirements without the tasks, such as camouflage, marble texture. ” Zhou Kun said, & other; We through the computer graphics and computer vision technology, can let the water transfer printing & lsquo; Target & rsquo; For three-dimensional objects in any color design & lsquo; Coat & rsquo; ” 。 < br / > < br / > team used software, 3 d design draft & other; Dimension reduction & throughout; Into a two-dimensional & other; Expansion plan & throughout; , for the first time in the world of water transfer printing process water transfer printing film deformation of physical modeling, accurate simulation of water transfer printing membrane deformation. After the group with normal inkjet printer to print out bearing & other; Expansion plan & throughout; The water transfer printing film, put thin film on the surface of the stationary, wrapped in thin film in the water model and color. “ In layman's terms, this is like a kind of accurate automatic & lsquo; Sticker & rsquo; 。 < br / > < br / >
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