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Laundry condensate beads good or laundry detergent

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Laundry condensate beads and laundry detergent are laundry detergent under the continuous development of a new type of laundry detergent, laundry condensate beads or laundry detergent good then? From the following several aspects to compare, we take a look at.

1, see clean force laundry condensate beads: is wrapped in a laundry detergent in the water soluble film, then dissolve with water washing clothes, its composition is environmental protection, decontamination cleaning effect is relatively strong.
laundry detergent: mild, suitable for cleaning some laundry a little dust. Laundry detergent decontamination ability was weaker, but because of high technical content, small damage to clothing.

2, see the solubility laundry condensate beads: is that the melt under the influence of water, so the solubility is high.
laundry detergent: composition and washing powder is similar, it would be a good water soluble, but corresponding more bubbles.
3, see use
laundry condensate beads: suitable for washing clothes, such as cotton and linen suit not too dirty clothes, clean too dirty it is hard to clean.
laundry detergent: less like besmirch, silk class less resistance to make clothes, is can choose laundry detergent to clean.
4, laundry condensate beads and laundry detergent which good
laundry condensate beads decontamination ability is good, and component is also very environmental protection, discharge of liquid waste will not pollute the environment, but the unit price is too high, to cooperate with the washing machine to use. Laundry detergent mild and less irritating to the skin to rinse. Not carrying capacity is weak in the past, little damage to the clothes. It is suitable for cleaning close-fitting wear clothing or material better clothes, recommended for baby clothes and underwear close-fitting hand washing clothes.
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